HOT MINING can supply filter press with complete models, including mini filter press and  fliter pres  accessories.

Filter Press


  1. Filter Press

The filter pressing of concentrate or tailings is an important link in the production of concentrator, and the filter press plays a pivotal role in this processing link. As the last ring of the concentrator, the filter press system restricts the washing capacity of the whole system. Therefore, the efficient operation of the filter press system is particularly important. HOT is a leading supplier of filter presses with complete models and excellent performance in China. The features of HOT filter press are automatic feeding, automatic end of feeding, automatic queuing unloading, system safety locking, and intelligent monitoring of filter press status.


  1. HOT Filter Press Advantages:

Rapid separation times increase processing efficiency

Improved safety and lower operating costs

Reduced component stress, improved safety and lower operating costs:

Automate your press’ internal cleaning

Holistic service and maintenance support



  1. Types
    1. Membrane Filter Press

·Application: Membrane Filter Press is mainly used in mining, paper making, coking, medicine, food, chemical and other industries.

·Features: feeding pressure: 0-16MPa; filtering area: 30-1000m

·Model parameter table



3.2 Chamber Filter Plate

·Application: widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, ceramics, food, medicine, mining, coal washing and other industries

·Features: feed pressure: 0-0.6MPa Filter area: 30-1000m

·Model parameter table



3.3 Plate and Frame Filter Press

·Applications: chemical industry, dyestuff, petroleum, ceramics, pharmacy, sugar making, starch, paint, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other products.

·Features: The plate and frame filter press is applicable to suspensions with high compressibility of filtering slag or nearly incompressible. The plate frame is usually square, the inner side length of the filter frame is 200~2000mm, the frame thickness is 16~80mm, and the filtering area is 1~1200m. The plate and frame shall be compressed by manual screw, electric screw and hydraulic pressure. The plates and frames are made of wood, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber.

·Model parameter table


3.4 Sludge Pressure Filter

·Application: It is widely used for sludge dewatering treatment in urban domestic sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, paper making, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, ceramic and other industries, as well as for solid separation or liquid leaching processes in industrial production.

·Features: The series belt filter press features compact structure, novel style, convenient operation and management, large processing capacity, and low water content of filter cake.

·Model parameter table



  1. HOTs Intelligent Filter Press

At present, the filter press used in each concentrator is basically a single machine automation equipment, which can only be operated through the on-site control cabinet, and many production links rely on the observation and judgment of the post personnel, so the work intensity is high, the staff demand is large, the production efficiency and the slime dewatering index cannot be guaranteed. HOT has carried out the research and application of intelligent filter press system in view of this situation, and has carried out research and implementation from many aspects, such as automatic feeding, automatic end of feeding, automatic queuing unloading, system safety locking, filter press status monitoring system, filter press video monitoring and filtrate particulate matter monitoring system, to enhance the intelligent level of each link, improve work efficiency, reduce the demand of post personnel, and reduce the labor intensity of the post.


The following objectives can be achieved:

·The central control room can remotely control the start and stop of the filter press, automatic feeding, automatic pump stop and other functions;

·The filter press can automatically feed, judge the end of feeding, and intelligently queue for unloading and discharging;

·The linkage between the filter press and the centralized control system realizes the intelligent control of the filter press and the automatic queuing of multiple filter presses;

·Monitoring and notification of incomplete discharge of filter press, damage of filter cloth, deviation of filter plate, etc.


  1. Applications

Machines involving industrial filter presses can be used in the following industries:

·Chemical industry


·Sewage treatment









The working principle of these industries is liquid-solid conversion. In this process, most suspended solid particles will not be completely dissolved. Filtration is necessary to separate these solid particles and make the liquid transparent for further processing.



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