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Leveling Up your Nickel Ore

By : Indonesia



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Material science becomes a fundamental factor for developing today’s technology. In the world of battery technology, we need the most excellent performance with the cheapest production cost. This concern roses in upstream, midstream, and downstream of battery manufacture. Hence, many giant companies invest a bunch of money through material technology research and development.

Why material technology becomes so critical on battery industry? On the side of miners, the quality of ore material production will affect market price. The London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Shanghai Features Exchange (SHFE) categorize the product into premium or discount, according to its specification, grade, and impurities.

Responding the surge of research needs, the National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) provides Research and Development on battery technology from upstream to downstream. The NBRI helps miners to validate their ore material specification and increase its value through material extraction technology.


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