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Borneo Indobara wins Top CSR Award 2022

Thu 31 Mar 2022, 11:11 AM



PT Borneo Indobara has won the 2022 Top CSR Awards organized by Top Business Magazine. The coal mining company operating in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan, won three trophies at once.

In fact, the President Director of Borneo Indobara, Bonifasius H was awarded the Top Leader on CSR Commitment. In his speech, Bonifasius said that the corporate social responsibility program that had been carried out so far, was not only realized from the remaining profits, but had become the main commitment of the company's operations from the start.

“The community around the mine is one of  our stakeholders  . The regional development program is carried out not from the rest of the profit, but from the beginning we have been working. We believe that better community growth will have an impact on the progress of the company," he explained after receiving the award trophy, in Jakarta, Wednesday (30/3).

This subsidiary of the Sinar Mas Group, was awarded an award for having a number of excellent programs. Starting from improving the village economy, by developing agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and  home industries , to improving the quality of public health.

For example, in Karang Indah Village, Angsana Sub-district, Borneo Indobara, building an Inpatient Plus Health Center, which is equivalent to a type D hospital. So that it is easier for people to get adequate and affordable health services, especially for BPJS Health users.

“We are truly committed to contributing to building communities around the mine. If we do the calculations, the CSR costs we have spent in the last two years are equal to 4 percent of  our net profit  ,” explained Bonifasius.

For information, the award, which carries the theme “ Being a Responsible Company is the Key Strategy for Business Sustainable Growth  , was  held by involving a number of institutions, such as the Indonesian Governance Professional Association (PaGI), the Indonesian GRC Association, Corebest, the Nawacita Study Institute, the Financial Development Foundation. Micro, GCG consultant, SGL Management, and Business Performance Solutions.

The Chairperson of the 2022 TOP CSR Awards, M. Lutfi Handayani said, this award was attended by 850 companies in Indonesia. Then as many as 200 companies participated in the assessment, and 160 companies met the complete assessment.

According to him, the Top CSR Awards activity is an assessment and awarding activity in the highest, largest and proudest CSR field in Indonesia. This award is given to companies operating in Indonesia, which are considered successful in implementing effective and quality CSR programs.

"Top CSR Awards is not just an assessment and awarding activity, but includes a lot of shared learning processes to improve the quality and effectiveness of the company's CSR," explained Lutfi.



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