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Vale and Huayou Visited Pomalaa Blocks to Ensure Project Operations Immediately

Sun 12 Jun 2022, 10:10 AM



The development of the project in the Pomalaa Block has received serious attention from the management of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) and its partner Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Company Limited (Huayou). 

For two days, from Wednesday to Thursday (9/6/), the Chairman of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Company Limited Chen Xuehua (Chairman Chen) together with the CEO of PT Vale, Febriany Eddy met with the Regent of Kolaka, Ahmad Safei to ensure that the project would immediately start operating.

Chairman Chen and his entourage specifically flew from Zhejiang, China, and landed in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi. 
They visited project sites including ports, mining areas, and the planned HPAL Plant area.

During this visit, PT Vale and Huayou reaffirmed their commitment and solidity, so that the project in the Pomalaa Block can be realized immediately, and operate in the spirit of sustainability. "The project in Pomalaa is not 'will be' but 'is' in the construction stage," said Febrianny in his statement, Monday (13/6).

 The Regent of Kolaka, Ahmad Safei hopes that the project will start operating soon so that local people can be assigned as workers. "PT Vale is expected to realize the factory in Kolaka more quickly. With the establishment of the factory, it will empower local communities so that unemployment and poverty can be reduced," said Safei.

"If PT Vale needs assistance, the Kolaka Regency Government is ready to help in accordance with its authority," he added. Chairman Chen also stated the same thing. According to him, PT Vale has succeeded in cooperating with the local community in accelerating the completion of this project.

“We see a good collaboration, a good collaboration between Vale and the surrounding community, so we will also feel calmer.” Meanwhile, Huayou VP Gao Baojun said that investing in the Pomalaa block was the best decision. He hopes that this project has optimal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects.

“After a direct visit to the Pomalaa Block, Huayou is increasingly optimistic that investing in Pomalaa is a good decision, and this project is one of the best for Huayou. 
During the implementation of the (Project) later, related to the implementation of the ESG component and also for the social and communication section, cooperation from Vale is also needed to jointly realize better ESG performance," he explained.

As INFORMATION, the agreement between PT Vale Indonesia began with the signing of the cooperation framework with Huayou on April 27, 2022. 
In the framework of the cooperation, Huayou will build a High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) factory with technology and processes according to world-class standards.

Meanwhile, PT Vale Indonesia plays a role in mining nickel in the form of limonite ore and low grade saprolite ore. 
The HPAL operation in the Pomalaa Block targets a production capacity of up to 120,000 metric tons of Nickel per year.

PT Vale and Huayou agreed to cooperate with a low-carbon scheme. 
Both are committed to not using coal as a raw material for power generation at all. In other words, PT Vale and Huayou will look for alternative energy sources that are more environmentally friendly to minimize the carbon footprint of mining operations in this region. 



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