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PTBA Continues to Digitize Mining Operations

Fri 07 Oct 2022, 08:00 AM



PT Bukit Asam Tbk (IDX: JK: PTBA) continues to digitize mining operations, where since 2020, PTBA has a CISEA (Corporate Information System and Enterprise Application) application to monitor mining activities in real time via mobile phones.

PTBA Corporate Secretary, Apollonius Andwie revealed, digital transformation is part of PTBA's steps to carry out Good Mining Practice.

"The use of digital technology also increases efficiency and business continuity," explained Apollonius, as reported by a press release, Monday (3/10/2022).

The CISEA application integrates several systems at once, namely Automation & SCADA System Integration, Bukit Asam Mine Dispatch Optimation System, Automatic Train Loading Station, Slope Stability Radar (SSR), Digital Telemetry, Integrated Water Monitoring System (SPARING), to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Explained, with the integration of SCADA in the CISEA platform, mileage is not a problem to carry out software maintenance, trouble shooting, and analysis of the control system at PTBA.

Data analysis is easier and more accurate because all operational data is stored automatically and in real time.

Through the Bukit Asam Mine Dispatch Optimation System, mining productivity and efficiency can be improved.

Production data, real time performance of units and operators, losstime, fuel consumption, monitoring unit positions (loaders, haulers, ancillaries), unit status, real time estimation of mine line conditions, operational safety, water monitoring, rain monitoring are all available on mobile phones.

Then with the Automatic Train Loading Station, the filling and weighing of coal to the train car is carried out automatically and can be monitored with a mobile phone.

The process time of filling coal to the train car is faster. The capacity of coal production from the mine site to the port is also greater than that of competitors.

Meanwhile, the SSR monitors the slopes of the mine in real time and in detail. SSR is able to detect small movements that are not detected by other monitoring tools.

That way, the conservation of coal resources can be increased and the cost of the risk of landslides is minimized.

There is also Digital Telemetry which provides real-time rainfall data through CISEA. Then SPARING gives an early warning if there are water quality deviations that do not meet quality standards.

Apollonius added that the CISEA application helps CSR distribution to be more targeted by providing data on vulnerable groups from social mapping results, accelerating the evaluation of assistance provision, and providing comparative data on the accuracy of CSR fund distribution.

"PTBA has received Copyright recognition from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia for the CISEA application with a protection period of 50 years since it was announced," he said.

A number of awards were received by PTBA thanks to the achievements of digital operational transformation.

Even, Vice President of Information Technology of PTBA, Satria Wirawan in 2021 received the Satyalancana Wira Karya award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo for his innovation in the use of digital technology for mining.

In addition, Satria also received the Dharma Karya Energi dan Sumber Mineral award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2020.



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