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ATS Appreciates PT Vale to Support Vocational Training Program

Fri 21 Oct 2022, 10:00 AM



PT Vale Indonesia Tbk. received appreciation from the management of the Sorowako Academy of Engineering (ATS) for its commitment to providing support to vocational training programs.

The appreciation was conveyed by the Director of ATS, Harjuma, at the Open Senate Meeting in the Context of the Graduation of XXIX Diploma III of the ATS Machine Maintenance and Repair Study Program, Saturday (15/10/2022) at the Onte Luwu Building, Sorowako. According to him, PT Vale has a very large contribution in encouraging the improvement of the quality of students.

One of them is realized through the collaboration of PT Vale, ATS and the East Luwu Regency Government (Pemkab) through the Manpower and Transmigration Service in an effort to develop appropriate technology (TTG). The output of this collaboration is the fabrication of agricultural machinery or machine tools (alsintan) that have been used by beneficiaries of community empowerment programs.

"Thank you and the greatest appreciation for the cooperation that has been established between ATS and PT Vale and the East Luwu Regional Government in order to assemble machines to support the needs of community empowerment programs," said Harjuma.

Several machines that have been assembled by ATS to support community development and empowerment (PPM) programs since 2021 until now, including work equipment for assisted farmers, such as grass pullers (pattora), hoe sickles, machetes, weed weeding tools (gasrok), cultivators/handtracktors, compost boxes, and chopper machines. In addition, the repair of three-wheeled motors, out of a total of 60 items of alsintan including operational support for the HIPHO Healthy Home, such as rhizome slicers, shredding machines, drying ovens, and others.

PT Vale's Senior Manager of Social Development Program (SDP), Ardian Indra Putra, said there are many benefits of the synergistic program model that has been running at this time, such as improving the skills of students through the training provided.

"We hope that the benefits of this synergy can be more because the training side of course this will add skills. The campus also carries out community service. Meanwhile, from the community side, the beneficiaries of the program (the government and PPM PT Vale). It also feels very helpful if its high-cost alsintan can be repaired again, produced new, and even obtained education or manuals for the use and maintenance of tools. So that it can also reduce the burden of government program spending while boosting the regional innovation index," he said.

He revealed that the output of the Vocational Short Training, which was initiated by the East Luwu Regency Government since 2008, is also expected to not only encourage the competitiveness of young people who are ready to work in various companies. More than that, it has the opportunity to grow independence, for example through vocational skill-based entrepreneurship.

"In the 2022 Musrenbang, the Regent of East Luwu stated that it would be more strategic to encourage the agricultural and tourism sectors as the leading contributors to the district's GRDP in the future. This vocational initiative is in line with these opportunities," he said.

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