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Jokowi Asks Banks to Simplify the Smelter Loan Process

Wed 01 Feb 2023, 15:02 PM



President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) asked the banking industry not to make things difficult if someone wants to apply for credit to build a smelter. "If someone applies for credit to build a smelter, they are given it. Let alone our own people, don't make it difficult. It's clear, fortunately it's clear, it's clear for the state, it's also clear for the company. What should we ask again?" said Jokowi at the Mandiri Investment event . Forum, at the Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta , Wednesday (1/2).

Of course this is in line with the policy of downstream mining products and the prohibition on the export of raw materials. Such as banning the export of nickel ore, bauxite and copper. The government is even planning to ban tin exports. "In the future, we can build this big ecosystem, the nickel is integrated with the copper, integrated with the bauxite, integrated with the tin because these are on different islands, can be integrated and produce what are called EV batteries, lithium batteries, that's it. us, I don't know how many times the added value will appear," explained the Head of State.

RI 1 added, if possible, Indonesia would later become the largest producer of electric cars in the world. "I don't know what number the added value that appears is anymore, because it hasn't happened yet. My estimate is in 2027/2028 if we are consistent, so this is an item. Don't be afraid, be consistent, and keep on guarding. He also hopes that in 2045 Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated to be at USD 9 to USD 11 trillion. Then if Indonesia is consistent with income per capita it is at USD 21,000-USD 29,000.

"If we are consistent, our per capita income is at USD 21,000 to USD 29,000, so we are a developed country. But if we are later sued, we will step back, we will turn, it will be better to export raw materials, forget that we are a developed country," he added 


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