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Agincourt Resources Wins TrenAsia ESG Award 2023 with Action Gold Predicate

PT Agincourt Resources

Thu 14 Sep 2023, 12:00 PM



PT Agincourt Resources won the 2023 TrenAsia ESG Award in the Gold company category with the Action title. 

This award reflects the company's strong commitment to the company's sustainable operational concept. Agincourt Resources has actively contributed to the improvement, maintenance and preservation of the surrounding environment. 

Agincourt Resources has also implemented various programs designed to provide social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities. These programs aim to encourage community independence in five main areas, namely health, education, micro-enterprise development, improving public facilities, and building positive relationships with local communities.

In 2022, the company will successfully implement 132 CSR programs with a total of 30,565 beneficiaries. Agincourt Resources has also committed to adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance, adopting best practices from the international business sector, and complying with local and national regulations.

In carrying out company operations, management of operational impacts on biodiversity related to Martabe Gold Mine operations is based on a strict mitigation hierarchy and is in line with best industry practices. The Martabe Gold Mine has also met most of the requirements of IFC Performance Standard 6.

Protecting biodiversity in the Batang Toru Ecosystem is a long-term commitment that requires the cooperation of all key stakeholders. This involves developing and implementing strategic conservation programs and other initiatives to conserve the area's valuable biodiversity.

The TrenAsia ESG Award 2023 strengthens Agincourt Resources' position as a company that not only focuses on business, but also cares about the environment and surrounding communities. This company continues to strive to carry out its operations with a positive impact for all parties involved. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT Tren Media Berjejaring Sukirno said this award was given to companies that are committed to implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) business

"Congratulations to Agincourt Resources for winning the 2023 TrenAsia ESG Award in the Consumer Cyclical company category. Hopefully this award can be a motivation and example for other companies in Indonesia," he said shortly after giving awards to the winners at the Raffles Jakarta Hotel, Wednesday, 30 August 2023.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the TrenAsia ESG Award Jury, Mas Achmad Daniri, revealed that the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspect has become a very important topic in various circles, including business actors, governments and investors. Not only at the global level, Indonesian people's awareness of ESG is increasingly sharp.

Daniri believes that with ESG practices, companies can not only pursue high profits and returns, but focus on how these profits have a positive impact on the environment and society. This is also proven by companies that have prioritized ESG, are more resilient and able to provide sustainable investment results.

"Companies are assessed not only based on financial performance and annual programs, but their commitment and consistency towards sustainable business. "In the assessment process, the TrenAsia ESG Award Jury found many interesting facts from the various ESG initiatives and implementation that the company has carried out, both in reports and facts on the ground," said Daniri.

TrenAsia ESG Award 2023

TrenAsia ESG Award 2023 is's commitment under the auspices of Trend Networked Media, which is an online media with a focus on reporting on economic, business and investment news. This event is expected to increase the commitment of companies in Indonesia in managing their ESG-based business lines.

The TrenAsia ESG Award 2023 has screened more than 115 companies in 29 industrial subsectors, which were assessed based on ESG implementation and its derivative variables. The judging process starts from June to August 2023, based on sustainability reports and company annual reports for the period 2021 and 2022.

The jury team for the 2023 TrenAsia ESG Award consists of Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, General Chair of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (Apindo) and Deputy Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Coordinator for Maritime, Investment and Foreign Affairs, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mas Achmad Daniri, Expert Council of the National Committee for Governance Policy (KNKG); Maria Rosaline Nindita Radyati, President Director of the Institute for Sustainability & Agility; and Adhitya Noviardi, Editor in Chief

Image source: PT Agincourt Resources

Source: Resources Raih Tren Asia ESG Award 2023 Predikat Action Gold


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