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21 Jun 2022, 14:54 PM

China continues investment support in Indonesia's electric vehicle industry
China continues to expand its investment to support the development of Indonesia's electric vehicle industry. Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), one of the leading companies among the world's electric vehicle battery manufacturers and supplies to various automakers, including Tesla and Volkswagen, is one of the Chinese companies investing in this Southeast Asian country.A third-tier subsidiary of CATL, Ningbo Contemporary Brunp Lygend Co., Ltd. (CBL), recently signed a 5.97-billion-U.S. dollar investment deal with Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC), a holding of state-owned companies including Mining Industry Indonesia (Mind ID), Aneka Tambang (Antam), Pertamina, and state power company PLN."The realization of this investment will bring the electric vehicle battery industry to Indonesia as well as position Indonesia as a global electric vehicle battery production base," President Director of IBC Toto Nugroho told Xinhua recently.IBC, inaugurated in March last year, was established to develop an integrated electric vehicle battery industry ecosystem, from upstream to downstream, to mining and nickel extraction. With China investors as global players in the development of electric vehicle batteries and Indonesia's rich reserve of battery-making raw materials like nickel, Nugroho believes that the cooperation between the two countries will synergize and strengthen each other.Indonesia is estimated to have deposits of at least 72 million tons of nickel reserves in areas of domestic mining operations, accounting for 52 percent of the world's total reserves of around 139 million tons, according to data from the country's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Nugroho believes that the cooperation between the two countries will support Indonesia's serious intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy."Besides CATL, many other Chinese companies are now investing in electric battery development in Indonesia. China is one of Indonesia's significant investment partners, we hope this cooperation will continue to increase and cover wider fields, including the development of electric vehicles and renewable energy," he said.As the country with the most consumers in Southeast Asia and supported by the world's largest nickel reserves, Indonesia has a bright opportunity to become a major player in the global electric vehicle sector, said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) Yohannes Nangoi."Moreover, more people will switch to electric vehicles in the future as fossil fuels damage our environment and cannot be renewed," Nangoi added. Currently, the use of electric vehicles is limited within cities and for short trips. In the future, with increasingly developed technology, electric vehicles will be used for longer distances and various types of vehicles, including trucks transporting commodities between provinces or islands.The problem is that electric vehicles currently are more expensive than conventional ones, but Nugroho believes this will be solved if the batteries meet three conditions: charging quickly, storing more power, and being cheaper. "It is just a matter of time, as to how fast the experts or mechanics can achieve these three main things," he said.The support of leading Chinese companies in this field will help Indonesia achieve the goal. "Those Chinese companies dare to invest in large amounts in Indonesia. Cooperation between the two countries has great prospects," Nangoi added. EnditemSource:
21 Jun 2022, 12:45 PM

Australian Tesla-Supplier Targets First Lithium Shipment
A lithium miner in Australia that counts Tesla Inc. as a future customer said its first shipment of the key battery material from its flagship project is expected by the end of the year.Adelaide-based Core Lithium Ltd. said its Finniss project near Darwin is “progressing well” and the mining has accelerated “with the arrival of the dry season and the commissioning of an additional excavator and trucks to site,” according to a statement on Tuesday. The project is set to supply spodumene concentrate  -- a lithium bearing material -- to companies including Tesla, China’s Ganfeng Lithium Co. and Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co. In March, Core Lithium said the project will provide up to 110,000 tons of spodumene concentrate to Tesla over four years. The EV giant has been locking in offtake agreements with existing lithium miners including another Australian company, Liontown Resources Ltd., which said earlier this month it expects to start shipments to Tesla from 2024.Consumers Are Racking Up Rewards in Japan by Buying Green Crowds Flock to Yellowstone as Park Reopens After Floods Biodiversity Loss May Push Developing World Closer to Default Prices of lithium, the ingredient that’s crucial to power electric cars, had an eye-popping rally of almost 500% in the past year, boosting miners’ profits. However, automakers feeling the pain from escalating costs across raw materials have started to raise sticker prices for their EVs.Core Lithium said the early-stage mining operations at the Finniss project were impacted by higher rainfall and an extended wet season, resulting in a temporary increase in fuel consumption and postponements to open-pit mining. The year-end target is also subject to the ramp-up, and the site avoiding more virus or weather-related delays, the statement wrote. Core Lithium’s shares fell 6.5% in Sydney on Tuesday, trimming a gain of over 300% so far this year.Source:
21 Jun 2022, 11:22 AM

There is an Export Opportunity to Germany, Golden Energy Mines (GEMS) Study the Possible Markets
The opportunity for coal demand from European countries does not necessarily make PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk rush to try the blue continent market. Currently, the issuer of coal stock coded GEMS is still studying the European market.GEMS Corporate Secretary, Sudin Sudiman said, so far GEMS does not have a sales contract to Europe"We are open to any market share as long as the price and goods match," said Sudin to (21/6). Taking a peek at the company's latest financial reports and public expose material, GEMS' export sales have not targeted the European market, at least in the last 3 years.The majority of GEMS sales are generally targeted at the Chinese and Indonesian markets, while the rest target other destinations such as India, the Philippines, and others. Recently, the prospect of coal demand to Europe has become more promising following the war between Russia and Ukraine which caused gas supplies to Europe, including Germany, to start running low.Germany has even conveyed the need for coal imports of around 5 million - 6 million tons from Indonesia. noted, the Director of Coal Business Guidance at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) revealed that the government had collected companies with coal quality that matched the specifications for German coal needs. The Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) also claimed to have coordinated with the government regarding the demand for this coal supply."The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin are communicating with us," said APBI Executive Director Hendra Sinadia to (20/6).At the time of writing, GEMS has no plans to submit a revision to the company's Work Plan and Budget (RKAB) this year. The GEMS consolidated coal production plan is still the same, which is around 40 million tons with a realistic target of around 36 million tons. "In the first quarter of 2022, the realization of production is around 9 million tons," said the Sub-Department.Source:
21 Jun 2022, 10:10 AM

AGMS, PT Vale's Board of Directors Changes
PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) has just held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), Tuesday (21/6). The meeting was held electronically through the eASY.KSEI application provided by the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), without the physical presence of the shareholders or their proxies. This is done based on the applicable laws and regulations.The results of the meeting stated that there were several changes in the board of directors and commissioners. This is in line with the resignation letters from Dani Widjaja as Director and Hendi Prio Santoso as Vice President Commissioner of the Company.“Earlier, there was a change in the board of directors. Pak Hendi was replaced by Pak Rachmat. From the commissioner's side, Mr. Nobuhiro Matsumoto was replaced by Mr. Yusuke Niwa. The GMS also approved the resignation of Mr. Widjaja," said Director of Vale, Bernandus Irmanto after the AGMS.Thus, the current composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:President Director : Febriany EddyVice President Director : Adriansyah ChaniagoDirector : Bernardus IrmantoDirector : Vinicius Mendes FerreiraMeanwhile, the composition of the Board of Commissioners is:President Commissioner : Deshnee NaidooVice President Commissioner : Muhammad Rachmat KaimuddinCommissioner : Luiz Fernando LandeiroCommissioner : Fabio FerrazKomisaris: Yusuke NiwaCommissioner : Dadan KusdianaCommissioner : Alexandre Silva D'AmbrosioIndependent Commissioner : Raden SukhyarIndependent Commissioner : RudiantaraIndependent Commissioner : Dwia Aries Tina PulubuhuThe company also, said Bernandus, will comply with the applicable regulatory requirements in relation to the change in the composition of the Company's Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.At this AGMS, shareholders received the Company's Annual Report for the financial year ending 31 December 2021, including the report on the implementation of social and environmental responsibilities contained in the 2021 Sustainability Report as well as the implementation of supervisory duties from the Company's Board of Commissioners during the 2021 financial year.Furthermore, taking into account the need for capital expenditures for the 3 ongoing projects in Bahodopi, Pomalaa and Sorowako, as well as the Company's working capital in the years to come, the shareholders agreed that no dividends would be paid to shareholders for the financial year ended on 31 December 2021 taking into account the recommendations of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners.Source:
21 Jun 2022, 09:45 AM

Sumber Global Energy (SGER) Business Diversification into Nickel Sector
PT Sumber Global Energy Tbk (SGER) has made efforts to diversify its business into the nickel metal sector. Although this year's nickel trading activity has been running, SGER management still sees that the coal segment still dominates this year's revenue.  President Director of Sumber Global Energy, Welly Thomas explained, his party diversified sales by starting nickel metal sales in the first quarter of 2022 through PT Sumber Mineral Global Abadi and will have a good sales growth impact for SGER. “Regarding the sale of nickel metal, this year the company is trying to start trading nickel in Sulawesi. In this 5th month, we have started shipping to the OSS and Virtue Dragon smelters," he explained in a virtual public expose, Tuesday (21/6).  Willy explained that after starting to diversify into nickel metal, SGER's sales composition will still be dominated by coal  trading .However, for this nickel business, Willy hopes that with his excellence and experience in trading he is confident that he can develop the nickel business well in the future.  “Even now, we are negotiating with three nickel mines to acquire the mines, so the company is very serious about developing nickel trading. If it is realized, then the investment could reach Rp 100 billion,” said Willy. In addition to expanding its business portfolio to nickel metal, SGER has also developed a waste to energy pilot project . It acquired PT Jabar Bersih Lestari, which is a Business Entity formed by a Consortium of Companies for the Provision of Regional Waste Processing and Final Processing Infrastructure (TPPAS) from the West Java Provincial Government, together with PT Jasa Sarana as a West Java Province-Owned Enterprise. The waste to energy project, said Welly, is a Government Business Entity Cooperation (PPP) project involving the West Java Provincial Government, Depok City Government, Bekasi Regency Government, and South Tangerang City Government, and from processing the waste, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) products will be produced. ) which can be used as alternative energy for combustion. "This RDF will be purchased by Indocement and we have signed the purchase agreement," he said.  Welly explained that currently the waste to energy project is in the stage of purchasing machines from Europe, especially from Germany. The developments in the field are currently in the cut and fill stage and preparations for waste collection are projected to be realized by the end of June 2022. “For the initial phase of this project, it is 720 tons per day, then in the second phase it will increase to 2,300 per day. The investment is around US$ 69 million,” he said.  Later, if the RDF project is successful, it will expand to other cities in Indonesia. Welly hopes that this effort can be a success story to turn waste into energy. Not only that, SGER is also in the stage of exploring renewable energy , namely developing hydrogen peroxide which is expected to be realized as soon as possible. Currently, Sumber Global Energy is still in the feasibility studies (FS) stage. "We think this project has great potential but it will take time for us to make a decision whether to continue or not," he said.Source:
16 Jun 2022, 09:24 AM

Komatsu to acquire Mine Site Technologies
Global OEM Komatsu announced 15 June it has come to an agreement to acquire Australian-based, globally focused underground connectivity provider Mine Site Technologies (MST).Financial details of the deal were not available, though Komatsu said the transaction is through its wholly owned subsidiary in Australia.“As global demand for essential resources requires Komatsu’s customers to go underground for mineral deposits, the company is rapidly developing new technologies, equipment and solutions to support the industry’s future needs,” said Komatsu President and CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa.“Empowering its customers’ growing use of digitalisation and automation to improve safety and productivity, Komatsu plans to work with MST Global to help customers build digital ecosystems with real-time insights and alerts, voice and communication technologies, software solutions, robust network infrastructure and wireless and geospatial technologies.”Together, Komatsu and MST will boost availability of high-speed, low latency digital communication, which is crucial to mission-critical communication as well as the integration of IoT sensors, increasing the volume of information communicated and enabling real-time tracking, monitoring and automation of mine operations.Komatsu is planning to close the acquisition on 1 July pending the completion of all procedures for closing. The OEM said the impact on its consolidated business results is estimated to be minimal.“Per the company’s ongoing mid-term management plan 'DANTOTSU Value - Together, to ‘The Next’ for sustainable growth,' Komatsu is working to expand offerings for underground hard rock mining, creating new value for customers with the development of new equipment, processes and technologies that will help operations step forward to the next stage for the workplace of the future and provide a more sustainable environment for the next generation,” the executive said.Source:
15 Jun 2022, 16:56 PM

Liebherr details green mining truck deal with Fortescue – the 240 t T 264 to form base truck
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd and Liebherr Australia Pty Ltd today signed an agreement for the development and supply of mining haul trucks integrating zero emission power system technologies being developed by Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE). Liebherr has now released an additional statement detailing some of the next steps. IM Editorial Director Paul Moore was there on the historic occasion in person, shown in the attached photo with the senior executives on the day including Dr Willi Liebherr, Liebherr Group Chairman; Andrew Forrest, Fortescue Metals Group Chairman and Founder; Oliver Weiss, Executive Vice President R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing at Liebherr Mining; and Dr Joerg Lukowski, Liebherr Mining Vice President.The partnership between Fortescue and Liebherr tackles the challenge of decarbonising heavy mobile equipment in the mining industry. It will support global initiatives to reduce emissions and it will enable both Fortescue and Liebherr’s Mining product segment to achieve their respective commitments to address global emissions. The partnership will draw from Liebherr’s industry-leading equipment and technology and FFI’s expertise in green technologies to deliver zero emission mining equipment.The phased supply of haul trucks is anticipated to commence following a two-year joint development period enabling the development and integration of Fortescue’s proprietary-owned battery electric and fuel cell electric power system, into Liebherr’s proprietary-owned base truck. To achieve the target Liebherr will use its vast OEM expertise in the design and manufacturing of machinery and machinery core technology, such as electric drive systems, engines, hydraulics and electronics to engineer, manufacture and supply the new mining haul trucks, in accordance with Fortescue’s requirements.  Liebherr will integrate the zero emission power system technologies being developed by Fortescue Future Industries and Williams Advanced Engineering into its 240 t class T 264 haul truck.Partners for successLiebherr is implementing their defined “Mining Zero Emission Program.” Where the first step was to build the electrified mining product range and the second step is to offer complete fossil fuel free mining equipment for haulage, digging, and dozing by 2030. On this pathway, focus is on modularisation to allow the integration of energy type agnostic power trains including alternative fuel combustion engines, battery and fuel cells. Liebherr’s partnership with Fortescue is a key component of this program.“This project provides an excellent opportunity for us to accelerate the integration of clean energy battery and fuel cell power systems into our mining equipment, which supports our vision and defined strategy to offer future zero emission equipment with the best suitable power train technologies,” said Weiss. “As a leader in green technologies for the international heavy industry and a world class mining owner-operator, Fortescue is an ideal partner for decarbonised mining equipment and technology initiatives, sharing the same vision as us.”The partnership will also assist the future evolution of the Liebherr business. “A mining product that will be developed through a close partnership of two tier one companies, including access to the latest zero emission technology, will create an immense industry opportunity and demand,” said Lukowski. “It also supports our future investment as we expand Liebherr’s already extensive manufacturing capability including at our truck facility in Newport News Virginia USA, and of course into our service and support network in Australia.”Fortescue Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines said: “The signing of this contract with Liebherr marks a significant step in the delivery of our industry leading decarbonisation target to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. We look forward to working with Liebherr and WAE to develop and deploy some of the world’s first zero emission large mining haul trucks in our operations, while also establishing an important new business growth opportunity for Fortescue as we diversify to become an integrated green energy and resources company.”Fortescue Chairman and Founder Dr Andrew Forrest said: “We are on a march to achieve net zero by 2030, strengthening the economics of our business and making our products acceptable to a zero pollution future. Every day our Fortescue and FFI family take forward the technology, hard work, and willpower of going green, the world mining industry takes one step closer to being the first globally leading industry to go fully green.”Source:
13 Jun 2022, 16:45 PM

Indonesia woos Tesla to set up factory in its industrial estates
Last week, the government of Indonesia said that they will welcome electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers such as South Korea’s LG and Taiwan’s Foxconn to the country’s second development phase of its Batang Integrated Industrial Estate (KITB) in Central Java. The 1,000 hectares of the integrated production facility, specifically for electric battery production, is said to be the first in the world.The industrial estate is basically a part of the country’s effort to build a large-scale EV ecosystem covering the upstream to downstream sectors. Considering also how Indonesia has been courting Tesla to set up its presence in the country, Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Pandjaitan recently announced that the government had proposed to Tesla to build a factory in Batang regency, with an annual capacity of roughly 500,000 EVs.For starters, the location is considered suitable because of its proximity to the geothermal power sources that are estimated to be able to supply 400 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity. The US$9.8 billion project is aimed at producing 3.5 million EV batteries annually in collaboration with state-owned nickel and gold mining firm PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) and EV battery holding company Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC).“LG’s investment […] in Indonesia is the first investment in the world that integrates nickel mining, smelter construction, as well as precursor and cathode factories, not to mention the battery recycling industry,” President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said during the launching ceremony last week. In a recent article by Jakarta Post, Luhut told lawmakers during a meeting with the House of Representatives Budget Commission Indonesia that “We could […] channel this green energy [to Tesla’s factory].” To recall, in May when President Jokowi visited the US, he separately met Tesla CEO Elon Musk to reiterate Indonesia’s invitation for investments. Indonesia officials stated that the meeting between the both came after a round of working-level discussions on a potential investment in Indonesia’s nickel industry and supply of batteries for EVs. Apart from Batang, Luhut said the carmaker had shown interest in the North Kalimantan Green Industrial Park, which has been under construction since December last year. Otherwise, Luhut has so far not been able to provide details on a possible Tesla investment, saying the government had signed a nondisclosure agreement with the company. Apparently, Tesla had also shown interest in developing the semiconductor industry in Indonesia but did not divulge details, citing a confidentiality agreement as well. In short, Indonesia has not given up and is still up for trying to secure a deal with Tesla. In contrast, talks with Musk’s satellite-based internet provider Starlink had progressed further. Luhut noted that a deal on Starlink had been discussed with the President on Monday, while both sides were discussing technical issues in JakartaBesides Tesla, Luhut shared that Ford Motor Company is also planning to enter Indonesia’s EV industry, with representatives of the US carmaker said to be visiting Indonesia on June 20, with interest in the EV industry from upstream to downstream. “The company wants to invest in [the EV industry] end-to-end,” Luhut added.Source:


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